NUCH SUCH NV-99 Eleonora av Serjas         
Xclamation Serjas Androis       Champ av Serjas                                       

Welcome to Kennel Serjas!

It all started 1989 when we decided to get our first Standard Schnauzer. At that time we had kept different breeds, and the Schnauzer choice was more or less at random.
We have never regretted this choice.
We were dazzled by the Schnauzer personality: A faithful family dog, always eager for a long or short walk, and it became obvious that this breed suited our family lifestyle.
Our first pepper & salt puppies were born in 1992, and in 1997 we extended the breed at our kennel with black Miniature Schnauzer females imported from Spain.
In 2000 we imported our first black Standard Schnauzer from the Czech Republic, and our first black Standard Schnauzer litter was born November 2002. Our aim is to breed healthy and happy dogs to suit every family wishes to purchase.
We have put a lot of work into this by using reknowned stud dogs and by importing our own female dogs. We are neither the smallest nor the largest breeders around, and we put our emphasis on quality.
Since 1992 we have been presented with about 65 Serjas champions titles.
We look forward to hearing from you. Ranveig and Erik Vestnes.


          Step One. 
           The perfect Match


        Step Three. 
Makes strong and healthy puppies!


         Step Two. 
          And a perfect start